Luxury housing

TCN luxury housing incorporates architecture, interior design and decoration to create a different ambiance for each space and customize the design of your house to detail.

We carry out both renovations and new luxury contructions, seeking to create unique and sophisticated interior spaces, considering your preferences in order to provide a proposal in line with your taste and selecting high quality materials for the project to be successful.

Constructions and renovations of high profile. Greatest level of luxury, esthetic and comfort

Our versatility and adaptability make of each construction an exclusive and modernist project.

We are specialist in luxury houses construction and renovations. Please contact our team and we will advice you without any commitment.

Luxury housing construction

At TCN luxury constructions we have passion for detail and quality finishing. Throughtout our trajectory in the construction industry we have adapted to cope high levels of demand, specializing in high standard works and projects, positioning our company as a landmark of the luxury building.

Different construction styles

We boast a multidisciplinary team that will take charge entirely of your project and will carry out the contruction of your luxury home with the highest performance, finishing and innovative construction solutions in order to guarantee the greatest standards on service and quality.

We renovate your house, we renovate your style

Luxury project


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Exclusivity in each project. Building and renovation of luxury houses.